Reframing My Mindset to One of Abundance

I am reluctant to start another Monday. How about you?

Eileen Davis
3 min readApr 27, 2022
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I don’t want to go back to work on Monday. I suppose that’s a normal feeling, but I need to be okay with it. Perhaps even be excited. I’ve had the last week off with my kids and I was sick for a week before that. So I am “out of practice”. I have messed up my sleep schedule so 2 am is my normal again. But guess what? I need to go to sleep by 12 am to function.

Scarcity vs Abundance

On my health coach’s page, I mentioned that I was rebelling by staying up late. She shared the insight that I had a scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset. I view my time alone as a scarcity: why I stay up late. I am digesting her comments. So I guess I need to change my mindset that I have time alone — that I schedule it. Maybe I need to say no to a few things. Maybe say no to so much time on social media, the news, and phone games. I believe those are my biggest time wasters that increase my stress instead of destressers like drawing, writing, deep breathing, and looking at the stars.

What activities destress you?


Besides time, I realized I view my energy as a scarce resource instead of an abundant resource. Truly, energy isn’t a limited resource. I realize my energy is only limited when I am ill or haven’t slept well. I can largely control my sleep pattern. Also, energy begets energy. Another goal has been to set minimums. In the mini-lessons and coaching sessions, minimums often bring momentum to further the task. Thus, energy then begets energy. So while writing this I hope to reframe my mindset, besides just intellectually knowing it. Applying it.

My nephew used to run around the house right before bed until he’d crash. All that running energized him until he suddenly conked asleep. Thus, energy begets energy.

We also need to achieve a balance between energy and recovery. I’ve noticed there are different types of recovery. One type of recovery is doing something you love even when it’s hard. For example, I love writing and drawing, yet those hobbies can mentally drain me. It is a creative outlet. On the flip side, looking at the stars, deep breathing, and naps rest my body and mind. It’s a physical recovery versus a creative recovery.

You Got This

I chose the picture with “You got this” at the beginning of the article because my coach says it often in group meetings. In fact, her welcome package included a decal “You got this”, which I pasted to my mirror. When I see it sometimes, it reminds me that I can take the next small step on my health journey.

Does the phrase “You got this” help you? Or perhaps another phrase?

Non-scale Victory

The health coach asks on the Facebook group every week what is one non-scale victory. That mindset takes away the uncontrollable weight outcome to the controllable victories of eating veggies three days a week. I realize more the journey has been about celebrating those small victories centered around a healthier mindset.

Personally, my weight has fluctuated within a five-pound range. I haven’t achieved much there, but I have achieved a healthier lifestyle. I am finding more balance. My mental health has improved significantly since beginning my journey with my coach (seven months without self-harm episodes).

My coach focuses mostly on mindset so clients can achieve lasting health. She saw clients lose weight only to gain it back when that was the sole focus. She wants her clients to succeed in the long run.

This isn’t fat acceptance BS. This is a healthy body positivity that encompasses an abundance of health in multiple areas. And that lasting change that will result in a healthier body (whether lighter, heavier, breathing easier, etc).

So, we got this.

If you want to see more of my coach’s thoughts, you can visit her TRH Fitness FB page.

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