Prayer for Rain Answered

In scriptures, God has brought droughts in order to humble his people. In humility, they pray for life-giving water in the name of the Living Water.

Eileen Davis
2 min readNov 26, 2020
Rain falling over what looks like the Colorado River
Photo by Nick Dunlap on Unsplash

I wrote this poem when I was in middle school or college as a response to the repeated prayers for rain in the red rock and juniper country of San Juan County, Utah. Sometimes, we had fasts for “moisture,” not even holding out for snow or rain all the time. We were thankful for sprinkles and a humid day. We really gave thanks to God when it rained or snowed. One time there was no rain or snow for six weeks during the winter. After a countywide fast and prayer, rain came from the heavens.

A blessing from heaven
Falls to the desert sod
Bringing to life
The creations of God.

The earth baptized
Renewed, immersed.
Many prayers answered
To those with thirst.

I find it ironic that we ask for more rain in a desert. Of course, we need rain. God also knows not to give too much water to a desert because it just all washes away. The soil can only handle so much rain. To address that, nature brought beavers to damn rivers to store the water. Now humans build reservoirs to store the water.



Eileen Davis

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