A sound experience to sound sleep

Eileen Davis
Apr 4, 2023
Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash

Lord, let me retire

Yet mind fired; body expired

Ideas twirl whirl swirl

Face afire, icy toes

Flip pillow, rub toes

Toss, turn —

Sheets tumbled jumbled crumpled

Align hips, spine straight

Drop head to pillow

Shoulder to toe burrow below

Finally, brain refrains

Thoughts in, thoughts out

Breathe in, breathe out

Lungs billow,

Drool on pillow

No thoughts, no oughts

Zero consciousness

Blessed nothingness

Strange streaming, dreaming

Clasping, grasping vivid images

Yet lapsing, collapsing memory

Breaking light, waking sight

Birds’ hymns, stretch limbs

Muscles relieved, rest received

I finished writing this poem and now I want to fall asleep. How about you? Anyway, if you are conscious enough, I’d appreciate a follow. You can also find my musings on my personal blog, Facebook, and Twitter.



Eileen Davis

I love language and believe every word is a poem. I majored in English language from BYU. I am a mom to four rambunctious boys. I have bipolar disorder too.