I Already Regret My Vote, But I Would with Any Choice

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First, Donald Trump and Joseph Biden are a reflection of what this country has become. Too many Americans resort to name-calling, shaming, and passive-aggression to make their points instead of logically arguing their points. We have fostered enmity instead of civility.

Second, our all-or-nothing voting system needs revamping. In the current system, we can only show support for one candidate instead of multiple candidates. Ranked-choice voting changes that dynamic where the voter can choose the level of support (first, second, third, etc.) he or she prefers. Votes are then tallied to show who has the most overall support, even if it may be many voters’ second choice. In this way, the candidate with the most overall support would win.

Third, the Democratic and Republican parties need to change their primary voting process. These two parties have dominated for so long without competition, they have become lazy in their approach to engage voters. If they truly cared for a better process, they would implement ranked-choice voting or just do one big primary without months of hullabaloo. Due to prolonged primaries many candidates who have less money drop out, even though they may be better choices.

Fourth, the media and presidential debate commission need to cover third-party candidates. Voters are not as aware of these possibly better candidates because the media largely ignores them. If news organizations want a fairer process, they ought to cover all candidates. And we the consumers should ask for it. Next, the debate commission needs to include third-party candidates no matter how “popular” they are. Then voters will be better able to compare all their options.

Finally, I have a more exhaustive list for improvements in this post.

My Voting History

In 2016, I voted for Evan McMullin because I felt he was a moral person. I considered the libertarian candidate but felt Evan McMullin would garner more votes in Utah. (Now Evan McMullin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are calling for lists of Trump backers in order to shame them.) Trump showed he engaged in “locker room” talk, had an adulterous past and antagonized many people. He also proposed immigration stances, which I disagree with. Hilary Clinton never entered my radar because with her came a rapist — Bill Clinton. There were other issues with Benghazi, her email server, and many of her political stances. I could go on longer.

Reflections on Trump’s Presidency

Four years later, Trump has shown more promise than I thought he would on his actions. He has helped the economy (besides the states’ manufactured COVID shutdown). Trump has chosen originalist judges instead of activist judges. He has been pro-life. I agree with several other actions he has taken, but he has been abrasive with his opposition many times a day. He lacks a filter from his brain to his mouth and Twitter fingers. I still disagree with his immigration stance (I also disagree with children in cages, which started under Obama’s administration). Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio who abused illegal immigrants. Next, I believe Trump shows a preference toward Christians more than other religions. I could go on longer.

Really? Both Candidates Are Disappointing

This 2020 Presidential election disheartened me again because the major candidates are both disappointing. I disagree with many of Joe Biden’s political positions except immigration. I believe he is kind, but Biden is sometimes a flatterer. In my experience, flatterers insult people in couched words that look nice but are more harmful because these veiled insults are harder to detect and counter. Also, Biden has violated females’ personal boundaries multiple times. Finally, Joe Biden makes many gaffes, but his gaffes have increased with age, which may show signs of senility. It leads me to believe others will manipulate his decisions.

In the Republican primary, I voted for Bill Weld. That was my chance to vote my conscience. Truthfully, I wished that Tulsi Gabbard had won the Democratic primary. I wonder if I should have voted in the Democratic primary instead. I value Gabbard’s more moderate positions, but mostly her willingness to listen to both sides. She is also willing to call out bad behavior on both parties.

If Tulsi Gabbard had been the Democratic nominee, I would have voted for her.

I researched Jo Jorgensen, the libertarian candidate, and her stances largely fit my political persuasions. I feel that the libertarian stance with immigration is kinder and in better order. I don’t know much about her personally since she is rarely in the news.

While staring at my ballot a week ago, I prayed about who I should vote for. I felt multiple candidates would be okay. In the end, I voted for Jo Jorgensen who best fits my political persuasions.

But I have debated that decision many times. Sometimes, I would rather vote Trump or Romney (as a write-in). I recognize that no matter who I voted for, I would have regretted it.

I half-wish I would have voted for Trump because I believe he defends the Constitution better than Biden will. Trump definitely tries to intimidate people into silence with his tweets and lawsuits. In that way, he has attacked free speech. Because citizens and judges largely recognize free speech as essential, free speech is better guarded than other natural rights, such as the right to bear arms. Biden plans to heavily regulate the right to bear arms, which affects my family’s safety.

Now it is just insane that the voting results are so close together in multiple states. Biden is the current president-elect, but if enough votes change as a result of Trump’s lawsuits, Trump may still be president for another four years. Personally, I hope the results change but doubt the election results will change.

Moving On

My life will continue with Biden as president. Some things will change for the better and for the worst. I am concerned about the worst possibilities, but there will be legislative and judicial checks and balances on those. I will adjust; Americans will adjust. I still feel America has great freedom and potential. I hope as citizens we work toward humility, goodness, and protecting liberty.




I love language and believe every word is a poem. I majored in English language from BYU. I am a mom to four rambunctious boys. I have bipolar disorder too.

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Eileen Davis

Eileen Davis

I love language and believe every word is a poem. I majored in English language from BYU. I am a mom to four rambunctious boys. I have bipolar disorder too.

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