Autism: A Recent Diagnosis

A poetic expression of the uncertainty for my son

Eileen Davis
2 min readJan 30, 2024
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But I don’t
Comprehend what this new
Diagnosis means for my son — for our family.
Emotional meltdowns
Figure into our daily life, or
Get in the way of our daily life.
He needs help — more than
I can
Juggle at this time.
Love and laugh with him —
Maybe I can do that. I know
No one can do this alone.
Others have (and will) help
Prepare us. They will answer
Questions we have.
Son, I wish you could
Tell me what you need.
Use your words please.
Voice your thoughts. Finally,
What can I do for
You to thrive in this
Zigzag world?

I have friends and relatives who are on the spectrum, so I’ve been nominally familiar with it all. I worked with some tweens at the school with autism too. Many friends have family have talked about their experiences, so we are learning.

Because my son personally looked us in the eye, my husband and I didn’t think he had autism. Though many have suspected my son had autism. It is hard to tell when his frequent ear infections interfered with his early speech development. He currently speaks several years below his level, so it’s been hard to gauge what my be autism or just a delay. Even the psychologist wasn’t sure the ratio. Still, he has received school services for several years. Now we will work on the other therapies that insurance should help cover now!

Good luck to you other families too!

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Eileen Davis

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